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The Ecole des Beaux-Arts

The Ecole des Beaux-Arts at Fontainebleau (or School of Fine Arts) was founded in 1923 and adopted the same mission as the music conservatory in the spheres of painting, architecture, and sculpture. Over time, the program has focused its development exclusively on architecture, taking advantage of its location and the rich history of architectural education in France. Inspired by the setting of the Chateau and its magnificent formal gardens, its faculty has included prestigious international architects including Félix Candela, B.V. Doshi, Sheila Hicks, Lucien Kroll, René Pechère, Božidar Rašica, Paolo Soleri, Jerzy Sołtan, Aldo van Eyck, and Vilhelm Wohlert. Past directors of the school are Jacques Carlu, André Remondet, Pierre Devinoy, Bernard de la Tour d’Auvergne, Marion Tournon-Branly, Jean-Louis Nouvian, and Jean-Marie Charpentier.

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